Why is Purism on Facebook?

How can a company which is so keen on privacy have a Facebook account?
For me it is contrardictory.
Why not move to alternatives, like friendica, diaspora or some such?

Same actually goes for Twitter, although you are using Mastodon already. Why not scratch Twitter?

What is now more important to address a lot of people or to set an example?


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BTW Facebook is so annoying as a not registered user. A very unlovely experience.


Because getting the message out doesn’t work very well when you put it under a rock.

For Purism to truly succeed, normal people need to see, understand it, and want it. Because Purism isn’t about catering to the indoctrinated crowd but rather about championing the digital rights they espose which conviently aligns with what the indoctrinated would like. However, if John Q. Public can’t understand why that is significant then the social purpose will never be successful.

Not only does it make sense for Purism to be on Facebook, but it is necessary.


First of all, I like the wording “normal” people :smiley:
Nice implications :wink:

Yes I know this argument :slight_smile: and do understand it, somewhat.
Now as a philosophical discourse, I’d ask if the goal justifies the means?

An analogy would be for getting pureOS going on a mobile, we’d need Apps, right? So let’s introduce GApps to have a wider base, so people start using pureOS. Therefore introducing pieces of software, we actually wanted to get rid of.


I think my response to this will just be a rehash of what I’ve already said. But anyway:

Advertising, which is what Facebook really is, is vastly different contrasted against functionality. It is an apples and chicken comparison.

That analogy only works if Purism was telling people to use Facebook, which they are not. They are actually doing the very opposite in every facet of their operation as a company. Having a facebook account and including G Suite applications with their products are two VERY VERY different things, not analogous to each other at all.

On top of that, since Purism has planned from the beginning to give us software that performs the same functions as the G Suite of apps, I really don’t see this analogy as even being worth debating.

However, on a different track, while Purism itself might be against the use of Android apps for example, since many are not FOSS or aspire to ever be, they are not going back on anything they say, if they as a company make it possible to install android applications on the Librem 5.

This is the same thing as me installing Windows on my Librem 13. Or using proprietary software in PureOS.

This is also a huge part of Freedom as Purism defines it. Being able to do whatever I please with the product I bought. It is mine.


Okay agreed, but then I’d argue that all media should be treated the same, right? Content wise that is.

Last entry on mastodon is 6th of June as well as on diaspora. Although diaspora is not mentioned as news source.
Entries on Twitter and Facebook are from the 24th of December.

Kind of sad. Again there are better ways to spend resources on but I think I gives the wrong signals.
So either do not mention mastodon as a source for news (like done for diaspora) or keep them up to date as done for Twitter and Facebook.

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Furthermore I’d argue that reaching people was done via the Crowdfunding project as well as the mention on other news sites.
I’d also agree to see mastodon and diaspora as primary sources and let’s say have a link on Facebook to those.

But as I am naïve and have no clue how to properly reach people, then maybe the goal justifies the means :wink:

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It might be easy to lump Purism in with other large corporations, but that would be a mistake. Purism is still small compared to those companies, and is still in many ways finding their best way forward. Social media is a beast and it requires a lot of work. That Purism even has a presence on other media is impressive. I think we can forgive them for not pushing everything across every social media account they have.

Crowd funding generates attention, but when it is over, so is the attention. How many kickstarter projects can you remember for example?

I agree with you that they should be pushing their social media out across all of their accounts, but at the same time, they are small, and are quite busy doing far more important things, like developing the Librem 5, and hopefully the Librem tablet. (please please please please)

Yes you are right. Small companies will have to figure out where to spend their resources and let’s hope that Purism succeeds with their projects.

Still it does not invalidate my point (that the goal justifies the means) and neither can I invalidate yours. What you are saying simply makes sense :wink:

Thus, happy new year :fireworks:

And I would have loved to have the tablet. But I got disappointed :cry:
Hopefully when they have free resources again. But for now I am eagerly waiting for the phone.

I agree. The intellectually-stunted feral Facebook mind pool needs this type of advertising. They desperately need to be aware of privacy and software freedom Purism provides. I try to tell my co-workers and anyone else who will listen the advantages of FOSS. I usually fall on deaf ears but I try anyways. I’m totally happy and proud to be a part of this community and to use FOSS. Happy New Year everyone!


I understand completely. I’ve had stores selling software & telecom on both eBay and Amazon and I went from 2 sales per day to 10 to 20, actually making the endeavor worthwhile. Without doing this, I would never had made any money. Instead, I financed my first trip overseas. I get it!

However, I would like to suggest HUBZILLA as the most locked-down & secure decentralized social networking & publishing platform currently in existence. It makes MASTODON look like a toy! I’ve studied this problem for over five years and it’s author “Mike McGirvin” and I have come to many of the same conclusions. In fact, I wrote a white paper, about 2 years ago, suggesting almost everthing he’d already coded. I hope I get to meet Mike some day.


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Like may have stated Facebook is a good place to spread the word about 10 years ago the complaint would have been why are you on Myspace. closer to 15 why are you on live journal. I am fine with getting the message out however Purism can. Are the systems more expensive and outside of what i can afford. yes. Am i one that will spread the word. yes i am. I pointed a bunch of people to the crowd funding on the phone.

It would be interesting to see how people in the community heard about Purism. Perhaps someone should start a poll. Personally, I heard about it through Bryan Lunduke’s podcast. I’m not a betting man, but I would be willing to wager the number of people coming here from Facebook is very small, if not null.

I do agree that having a presence on multiple platforms is a must, and to that effect let me throw some more options into the mix. Minds, Gab, BitChute, and Steemit, are platforms that don’t censor or ban people based on their opinions, and as such have shown promising growth in the past couple of years.

Looking at Minds now, and while they mention being decentralized and being able to create your own version, I didn’t see anything on self hosting or getting started. Is their solution really that I take the source code, and roll my own without any instructions?

Edit: I see that they are working on a Nodes feature, which will permit self-hosted solutions. I wonder how this social network is decentralized if this feature isn’t even ready to roll, and the only way to participate is to sign up on their one server?

Well, I never tried to roll my own instance nor felt the need to. So far, anyway. So, I don’t know how much technical information they offer on that. But, since they are now on the Ethereum blockchain that prospect is even more distant for me.

See I’m not doing it because I don’t want to be a part of the network, but because self hosting is the closest guarantee I can have that the content I’m putting up is always in my possession. I’m expecting my node to federate with the rest of the Mind network; just like how Mastodon works.

What are your thoughts on Mewe then?

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At the moment I’m only paranoid enough to want to replace Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit with real alternatives that make true engagement possible and I feel the four platforms I mentioned do that. I only run my own search engine server and cloud server for now.

I don’t see anything Mewe does that isn’t already implemented in some way or another by both Minds and Gab. To me it seems like just another app for its own sake. Plus, I think it requires real names.

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Fair enough. I will say that I think Mastodon is superior to Gab at being a Twitter replacement.

The only problem I have with Mastodon is that at the moment there don’t seem to be any instances advocating or supporting free speech, like Gab does, problem which can only be mitigated by running your own instance and I’m too lazy for that. Plus, it’s ruby code. Yuck! I will only consider running my own if Gab ever goes the way of Twitter, and frankly it doesn’t feel like it.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and engagement wise Mastodon is a small child who refuses to grow in comparison to Gab.

Hahaha, I run my own instance through mastohost. I can get my entire instance from him and hosted it myself if I wish. There is literally no one moderating me or my instance.

I share your desire to not stand for censorship.