Why is the Librem 14 V1 screen resolution limited to 1920×1080?

The Librem 14 version 1 has a great design. The device has adequate ports, a
sleek design, a beautifully simplistic keyboard layout (especially the full
sized arrow keys), and of course the I/O peripheral kill switches with new
improved positions. The device specification claims to be capable of outputting
4K on each display port (HDMI and USB-C). (The HDMI is noted to be able to do
60Hz, but the USB-C does not mention it in the documentation I am looking at.)
These are all good, but what about the screen resolution of the laptop itself?

Is there a reason that the Librem 14 version 1 does not have the option for a 4K
resolution on the laptop screen (whether that be heat management or supply
chain)? Could we see an option for 4K internal resolution on the Librem 14
version 1 in the future? Will the Librem 14 version 2 have the option for an
internal 4K resolution and if so, when is its expected release date?

P.S. It looks like this poll on screen resolution mentions the inability to do fractional scaling. I believe that is only true with GNOME (and subsequently PureOS?). KDE has great fractional scaling.

Thank you.

The more different options, the harder it is to design, support and fulfill for a small company selling a relatively low volume.

If you want actual answers about futures, you will have to ask Purism directly.

a combination of technical and business factors

almost certainly not

TBD for both