Why is the librem phone so expensive?

Case in point: I also heard that FTX guy was also good at marketing. Talk about unable to deliver!


As you say, you’re no software developer. And when I read your post it feels like you have no idea how hard software developing can be. I myself know >a little bit< about software developing since I’m running unreal engine editor for some years and learned a lot of issues with coding. And I also followed the issues Purism had with developing camera drivers. It was really interesting, but also showed the difficult process until the first picture where pixels where not in place etc.

And what you have to know is, that development doesn’t always mean making software better, it also means that something that works can get broken. Last weak my unreal project had a functional user interface, today half of it (like drag and drop) is broken, because I totally rewrote my input system. And I didn’t do it because my old system was bad, I did it because the new system makes something in future possible, even if I have no benefits right now.

And from this point they did very well, even with all the current bugs. People who bought that device through marketing without informing further (like here in forum) shouldn’t blame others for being dismayed. You can’t compare it with an android or iOS, where companies have so much more money to put into the mouth of their systems. It needs time and I personally never expected same quality in such short time. However, I’m already impressed what they did and see where’s the road going on. And I love to see how it’s going to improve from time to time (something I never felt for Windows or Android, but for some open source projects).


People have no concept of the size of the teams that say Samsung has working on phones. Like they will have an entire team dedicated to just the power system of the phone, or one particular aspect of the OS, whereas Purism does not have the budget to have that luxury. Also they do not have the development history in which to draw on like a bigger/older company would have.

You want a phone that goes up against Goliath you’d better be prepared to deal with all the challenges that supporting David entails.


Well, we do pride ourselves in drawing on the history of Linux, GNOME, and the entire libre software movement :slight_smile:

The real challenge is that doing something new requires lots of up front money, and that the samsungs of the world are selling millions of units, driving the costs down, and increasing opportunities. Also, they don’t care about the openness of hardware, so they can get cheaper alternatives we wouldn’t be able to work with.


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