Why is the wifi/bluethoth signal always on from the motherboard erespective of where the kill switch is placed

maybe I am overthinking? just paranoid because the laptop was delivered to another house where-in their power supply was delivered to mine and it sounded all sketchy when I called them after I found a number on the power supply packaging, maybe because they wanted to keep it lol, maybe their story was true, not like it’s their power supply is cocain to not wanna ship it to their home wtf, or worse, ended up getting it and the packaging looked okay but I was still paranoid, like wtf… lol the motherboard firmware shows a board of the 15v4 when it’s a 13v4, is this normal? maybe i really am overthinking. how can canada post fuck up when they’re dealing with more than a thousand dollars… what if they put a wrong number in the packaging? I would be fucked. or maybe it was all intentional. idk just paranoid and I give up on privacy lol jk. I am forever hateful of fucking canada post or whoever fucked or did their job (maybe this is like 80% joke 20% serious). sorry I am just not in a good place having gone through a manic episode about the fact I am being watched everywhere I am digitaly+level 8ish/10 sciatica of pain months ago. I will open the laptop up soon. just need one thing. I am learning the importance of locality and proper stores lol maybe I am overthinking and that’s a bad idea. idk let’s just hope the open source cpus continue developing well. this is the reason I haven’t done much on it, gave up after that incident.

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I can guarantee you’re overthinking, the switch can’t work this way. I’m sorry about the pain, and I hope it doesn’t return.