Why millipixels not putting images in $HOME/Pictures, but $HOME/

since day one of byzantium and millipictures my pictures in my librem5 have been written to my home directory instead of Pictures directory. I figured it was permissions or something and have deleted and recreated the Pictures directory since then to no effect. I may be missing something obvious, and thought I should ask where it’s supposed to be defined before I start editing things unnecessarily.


Try this on the terminal (~/Pictures must exist):
xdg-user-dirs-update --set PICTURES ~/Pictures

You may need to relaunch millipixels

I had a similar issue when I transferred my homedir from the pinephone to the librem5. Problem was those directories where all pointing to the wrong homedir.


thanks, that did it, and I knew it was a minor thing that I could fix it incorrectly if I did not ask :slight_smile: