Why only one day battery?


wouldn’t it be possible to have more accu duration?

One day is a little bit poor…


Possible yes. The question is “how” and “for how long”. I want to say that we came from 6h duration or even below. That we already reached a “usable” state can be called success.

So how to extent:
First and best would be further software improvements. I don’t know how much is still possible. Software improvement has 2 parts. Improving OS and all the preinstalled things like driver, kernel, firmware etc and the second part is about specific apps. Since most apps are written for desktop, most apps are not energy-efficient designed (with some exceptions). But that’s not much an user has in hands. OS-wise there is already done a lot of work. Right now we have 3 times the duration amount of 2019. But the easiest and most effective improvements are already done.

The second way is to carry powerbanks, replacement batteries and such around. Not always handy, but working well if you just need it for trips.

The third way is less to extend the duration each day, but rather to keep battery healthy. Plug in your device as long as possible over the full charge. At this point it doesn’t drain or charge your battery. And if it is handy for you, you even can tell your phone that ~80% is fully charged. I charge it usually just to 80% except I am too long away. A simple command (or phone restart) and it charges again to 100%.


Enable suspend.

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Currently it is one day for: Phone Mode: like sms, calls only. However L5 is capable for 2 days for Phone Mode when all is complete and one day for PPC Mode.

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The L5 will never ever work for 2 days if You USE it!

Happily for me the battery lasts for my office ours. The time after it has urgently to go for a charger.

Tested also with a brand-new battery and it also does not last more.

Using it for me has to be enabled:

  • Mobile connection
  • Wifi Connection
  • BT enabled

On every Android phone I use this will give me a usage for at least 2 days. On the L5 for maximum 8-10 hours

The very good times here reported may be disabled nearly all services on the L5 :wink:


Does suspend mode accept phone calls and SMS?

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MOST of the time yes…
But not 100 reliable

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My first smartphone was a Motorola Droid. The battery on it lasted about as long as the battery in my Librem 5.


16h+ without BT on Byzantium, which is not “very good”, but at least usable. 8-10h sounds more like no suspend to me (and I know you said, you have enabled it). BT shouldn’t be that bad. I really would like to know if there is anything special about your case (bad factory device or apps that run all the time and drain battery a bit more or broken suspend or bad mobile signal … I don’t know).

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As I said:

BT, Wifi, LTE, GPS all enabled.

Tested with an brand new battery also. No way to have more than 8-10 hours of usage. Of course WITH suspend.

I USE my phone and make calls, mail checking etc.

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I know right. But if I were you, it would make me crazy to not knowing why my device has so much less time compared to the regular users. On the one hand to fix it for myself if possible, on the other hand if it is a bug (let’s say for a specific BT-device) which may could be reported to whoever can fix this. I mean, if nearly everyone else has other experience than I do, it’s clear that it is a device specific thing.

And don’t worry, I trust you in what you said about. I also want to know, because it’s an interesting case where I may can learn something if the issue will be found.