Why Purism closed my topic without any reason? Does Purism like Facebook?

Just now my previous topic was closed by discriminating actions of @dcz.
I can prove that her actions against me were racist.
Demanding actions against her - removing from mod role because of her discriminations.

This is the last warning. Apart from your beef with Purism (which may be legitimate or not, I don’t judge), you’re clearly trolling. If you don’t stop, you’ll get a timed ban.

Where is my trolling?
It is you who is doing discrimination against me, do you know it is a criminal charge?
The comments of @NineX are still on previous topic which you closed without any reason because I asked you apply the forum rules (as you were applying them to me) to all people regardless who are they. But you are making racist actions against me, because what I write and I am writing the truth - my experience and emotions from Purism. You are right - you are not that person who can judge that. Just do your job, but do it as per requirements and rules. So apply the rules to all forum members equally and do not discriminate.

@hedomi - applogize for fact that i din’t check that charge back will work in your case and was pointing wrongly you are not using your brain.
I am trully sorry about above.

what i am not apologize is statement.:
you didn’t read terms and conditions of store, where refund policy is pointed. and now you are trolling here and seeking attention, with threats about reddit posts, etc.
we don’t care about your frustration, you did this to your self alone.
next time read before agree on something.

There’s nothing to add here, it’s another flame in the war. Closing.