Why purism pc's use coreboot instead of libreboot?

With all the discussions about blobs about the OS being free of it, then why not also have a BIOS free of blobs like the libreboot? Because it would mean sticking to old hardware?

It is a lot of effort to reverse engineer boot firmware to the point where Libreboot becomes an option.

Basically the same situation as Replicant.

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After reading the link provided by @FranklyFlawless, Libreboot is coreboot (just end user friendly).

In fact, Libreboot tries to stay as close to stock coreboot as possible, for each board, but with many different types of configuration provided automatically by the Libreboot build system.

In the same way that Alpine Linux is a Linux distribution, Libreboot is a coreboot distribution.

Do I miss something or is coreboot as free as Libreboot is? At least the text reads like this.

AFAIK, coreboot has a few blobs, libreboot has zero. Coreboot is foss, libreboot is libre.

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Libreboot already ship Blob. why? because Evil, Famous and Money, FSF already removed from list.
The only Libre is this: GNU Boot - Summary [Savannah]


I vaguely recall Libreboot basically being a script run on Coreboot to remove anything proprietary, but that “understanding” is based on my research regarding it years ago. I no longer have the interest of exploring the technical details surrounding Coreboot variants.

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Libreboot is not strictly Coreboot now, Libreboot also ship own code, own new features