Wickr on PureOS?

Anyone know if the Wickr messaging app works on PureOS? It lists linux, in general, but not sure if PureOS is included. Might be a good alternate messenger, solution, if needed, for both the L5 and laptops.

Looks like they only offer an installation via snap, which you can do on PureOS if you want to. See the post here for snap installation on PureOS.

I haven’t installed Wickr myself since I don’t use it. Wire and Signal, potential alternatives, both run really smoothly on my laptop with PureOS. I added their respective Debian sources, installation and updating is very smooth like the rest of the system.

Note: This is all for Laptop hardware, no idea about L5.

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Thanks, I use Signal and Wickr on my spyphone now, so curious as to what will work and not when I get my L14.

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Pretty sure you can get Wickr to work if you’re willing to install the snap store. Too bad they don’t put out an app image. Is there a browser interface for wickr? If so it is easy to create a web app on the librem using Gnome Web

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