Wickr Open Source?

So I use Signal, and also Wickr Me for those that do not wish to use their phone #, and I’m seeing posts on other forums that Wickr Me is open source, others saying it is not. Others say code is on Github but it not open source. Can someone more knowledgeable than me (everyone likely) clarify?

Also, since Wickr Me is available for Linux, shall I assume it will work for the L5 as well?

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Thanks, but still not clear, unless only part of the code is? is that the takeaway?

"In February 2017, Wickr opened one of its crypto protocols for public review on GitHub and published a paper “The Wickr Messaging Protocol” as an aid to those who wish to review the source code. At the time of its publication, the crypto protocol was only used in the company’s enterprise product, Wickr Professional. The company said that its consumer product, Wickr Messenger, still uses another protocol, and that they intend to replace this protocol with the one that they published.

It’s license is shown as Proprietary.
Possibly they’re transitioning some or all versions to open source?

I think the only way we’ll find out is if somebody installs it. (I won’t.) If it installs and launches, it will still have to fit the screen, but I’m unfamiliar with the desktop app, so I can’t say if that’s likely.

For everyone’s interest:

Nice, but not up to date. So Wickr Me not FOSS. Looks like Threema is a better solution for those not wanting to use phone number and/or email to sign up for iOS at least, but no help to me on Linux, phone or laptop.

One thing that I don’t like about Threema is that it really is a single use mobile app. In order to use it on another machine one has to connect to the app on one’s device and so there is a battery drain on the app.

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