Wide Keyboards suggestion

When in landscape when one needs to write something in a text entry or file or terminal the keyboard (squeekboard) takes up a lot of the screen’s height. When you need to write something in a field in browser it gets even worse. The browser takes one row for the address field, another row for the back and forward keys and it remains only one row to write in the field. This could improve considerably if we change the keyboard to take up not 4 but 2 lines (only in landscape). I wonder if this interests the users of L5 or not. A 2 row arrangement could be for example this:

The question is not if the above layout is the best. The question is if we would like such a change for the landscape mode (and only for that).


The usual keyboard does take up too much vertical space in landscape mode, but I’m not sure I would like that 2-row layout of the keys. I’m used to finding the letters in their standard 3-row placement, so that would probably be confusing. I would be in favor of stretching and flattening the current keyboard a bit more, though.

Edit: And of course, multiple options are always good; non-standard arrangement might be OK for some people.


or HIDE/SHRINK GUI elements after a certain period in seconds has passed so that more screen-real estate is available for the important things … the BlackBerry OS browser somehow made sense on a 720x720 square (3.1 inch screen) ofc the keyboard was a non issue since it was PHYSICAL.

I generally like the idea very much, but I’d go with another layout - I do not like how the keyboard rows are broken up in half and intertwined. I’d go for two top rows on the left, and two bottom rows on the right. (except for ctrl, shift and such - they belong to the far left and far right positions)

To avoid confusion, characters can be arranged alphabetically in a single line with horizontal scrolling.

OK the layout is something to decide. The above was just an example to see if people are interesting in such a thing.

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Just a reminder that you can make layouts and actually try them out.



Just to notice though that the height of the box that contains the keyboard looks fixed or I have something wrong in my yaml. Even if the keyboard is two rows it appears in the center of the same height zone, still covering most of the landscape screen. This zone does not adjust to the height of the keyboard.


Ah, good point. That has been on my plate since ages. I think I might have enough free capacity to implement it within a month or two.