Widgets, Notifications and Sharing

Hello everyone,
I was wondering about a few features everyone is used to from other OSs like Android and iOS.

  • Notifications
    There are notifications for many different things, including new messages, e-mails, a successfully downloaded file, updates, orbot running… It is very handy to have all these show up on the lock screen and on the top bar of the OS. I did not see any notifications in the videos.

  • Widgets
    Many apps offer widgets to display information on the homescreen without the user having to open the app. Many different widgets are common. For example stock prices, emails, news or the weather are usefull informations users want to keep track off without opening a bunch of apps.

  • Sharing
    Another handy feature is opening a picture or video in one app and with the push of the “share” button have a menu pop up to select a different application the file can be shared with. For example a user can look at pictures in the gallery, hit the share button and select Signal to then send the picture to her friends without having to select the picture in the file selector of Signal again.

My question regarding all these features is:
Are they already implemented or under development? I am not concerned with them not being available from the launch date of the phone, but I hope these features are not forgotten and are considered in the development process of the OS.