WiFi Adapter for L14 - Need To Fix Slow Speeds


Of late my WiFi speed on the L14 has slowed to a nearly unusable speed. The connection is fine with all other devices in my house. I read some existing threads and there was some discussion about the metal case, internal WiFi wires, Bluetooth, etc. etc. But nothing I found that was conclusive. The problem is not my network/modem/router. I’m trying to make this work so I have a usable device. I was looking at USB WiFi adapters as an option. I was looking at the ASUS USB-AC53 Nano and the NetGear Nighthawk AC1900 for this. But as with everything I see that they are not plug and play with Linux. Has anyone had success with these adapters (or ones like them) for improving WiFi speeds on their L14?



I found a link on how to install the driver for the NetGear A7000 WiFi adapter.

I used an USB extension cable to get the receiver within eye shot of my router.

My speeds have improved dramatically. Not ideal that it’s necessary, but it’s at least makes the laptop usable.

** The blue LED light on the receiver blinks the whole time it’s connected, as opposed to when I tested it on my Windows desktop and it stays on solid blue. But it’s connected and working **

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