Wifi and power consumption

Is there a difference in power consumption when the wifi kill switch is on but the wifi and bt are off from the software? Does anyone gain somthing with respect to power consumption when the kill switch for wifi is off?

Another question is if one uses mobile data to access the internet does this make a difference in power consumption compared to wifi (other than powering an extra chip).


You have a lots of specific questions, so unless someone has already tested and have those answers, I suggest you to install gnome-power-statistics, and do your own tests about power consumption
You will have to increase resolution to use it and in landscape (or plug an external screen)


@amarok may have some idea of how the power consumption behaves with and without wifi.

Do you want guesses? I guess: yes. HKS would use less power than disabling in software.

I think you need to clarify what the exact comparison scenarios are here.

Are the scenarios:

Scenario 1: WiFi on / mobile off; clear cache; benchmark sequence of web site accesses
Scenario 2: WiFi off / mobile on; clear cache; same sequence of web site accesses


Since mobile is always on for me (L5 is my daily driver) the scenarios are:

  1. Mobile on, data on, clear cache; benchmark sequence of web site accesses
  2. Mobile on, data off, Wifi on, clear cache; benchmark sequence of web site accesses

The reason I asked the first question is that still wifi does not come always on after HKS turns on. Sometimes it needs to be flipped 3 times. So I thought to leave it on and disable wifi from the software.

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So in Scenario 1, the WiFi is on but disabled in software and in scenario 2 the WiFi is on and enabled in software (and working)? (The presence of this unspecified bug makes it difficult to answer i.e. without understanding the state when things are buggy, which could influence power consumption.)

Perhaps the answer is: wait for Byzantium :wink:

Yes you are right. I wait…