WiFi becomes unstable randomnly

I’m unsure if this should be on Librem or PureOS. I have a Librem 13 running PureOS for 6 months. I’d say that it’s been 3 months at least that I’ve been experiencing random unstable-ness (nice word huh) on my WiFi connection. All other devices connected on the same WiFi do not experience this problem:

At some random point in usage, in different WiFi networks, connection becomes extremely sluggish. When pinging the router I see that it takes around 300 to 400ms to get an answer, when it gets one. All it takes to solve this issue is to disconnect the WiFi (turning it off on the top menu) and turning it on again. Very easy to solve, I know, but I would love for this to not happen at the first place.

Is someone else experiencing this? What might it be? What debugging steps can I take to provide you with more information?

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Yes, there are a few topics about this problem. In my case, the icon shows bad signal when I am sitting next to the router but the connection is pretty stable. One suggesting was to check the wiring to the wifi card (sometimes there is a poor connection) but it seems like this is not the cause of the problem.

This is pretty disappointing in my opinion since Purism does not warn about it and it seems like for our money we because beta testers without even our consent.

I am also experiencing this on the Librem 13 v2.

Experiencing this and MANY other issues.

I am really not happy that I was used as a beta tester for a 1500$ laptop. The whole thing feels cheap and badly engineered.

They should offer replacements since not being able to have Wifi on a 2018 brand new laptop is quite shameful.

I have recently give up from using PureOS and I installed Debian with KDE’s Plasma Desktop. I stopped having issues with WiFi. I think it’s safe to assume this is a problem with PureOS (software) and not with the Librem laptop (hardware).

my main problem with FSF distros aproved that none worked the wii fii because of the firmware n blobs etc… NONE ever worked the wii fi, for lucky i use wired… Trisquel/gnewsense/parabola n aldo PUREOS that i installed in a old pc here from 2011… all in one amd… ty