Wifi Card Replacement

I think the forum has talked about this one a few times. I am looking for a wifi card that actually gets speeds comparable to more modern cards. I have a 400MB connection. My wifes computer gets right at that number. My Librem 15 approaches 165, if I am sitting next to the router and within spitting distance.

If anyone has a card that works out the box and without tweaking, I am all ears.


anything faster (ie, using 802.11ac) is going to require binary “firmware” blobs to function properly. If you’re ok with installing software from a non-free repo, then newer Intel cards (8260, 9260) will give you the speed you’re looking for

As it is not my area of expertise, will this make my Librem more susceptible to prying eyes? Do not get me wrong, but I do love my machine. As my opening message stated, I get great speeds when right next to m router, but once I am upstairs and not within eyesight of my router, the speeds fall tremendously. The tech team has been super helpful with my wifi card and now that appears stable, but if I am able to increase my speeds and my machine is not grand central station, I would open to the idea.

at this point you’ve already made your contribution to Purism so as an exception to the golden-free-software-rule it’s probably ok if you’re not too woried about your threat model. when you don’t have to share the wifi connection you can just skip the wifi and plug the cable directly in the laptop.