Wifi Connection Strength in 15" Purism Laptop?

I am considering to buy a 15" Librem Laptop v4 and use it for Business Purposes like the Creative Director did for the Purism Ad.

How dependable has the WiFi been for anyone with a Librem Laptop? I will be uploading videos to Youtube as part of my business content marketing.

Another reason I am considering to switch to a Purism laptop is because of privacy and security concerns.

In general, I think the most frequent complaint with the Laptops is Wifi reception. It’s not so much that speed is a problem when connected, but it seems that the Librems have a harder time picking up a Wifi signal than other laptops.

I think some people have resolved this by using a different Wifi card (but one that requires non-free drivers). If you have access to an Ethernet port, then you can alternatively use a USB-to-Ethernet adapter.

Thanks for letting me know of that issue. I do have access to an Ethernet Port…on the Router. I will need to use a long Ethernet cable for the physical connection. Getting a USB-to-Ethernet adapter shouldn’t be an issue. I can go to a local Staples or Office Max Store for it.

I would rather not use a different WiFi card with non-free drivers. i am already paranoid enough as it is with security. Worst case scenario I would have to return the adapter for a refund.

I do most of my work close to router anyway. Also, I have read other forum questions regarding this issue, either replace the cables or fix it by repositioning them.

I will have to save up for the Librem Laptop after I have saved up for other priorities first. So I won’t be able to actually test that fix until possibly next year. Thanks for the help with this issue.

Yep there’s been lots of previous discussion about this, I ended up using a USB to Ethernet adaptor too.

I have pretty weak Wifi in my office at home and no easy access from my office to my router. I ended up getting some powerline Ethernet adapters, which turned out to be super helpful. Depending on your home setup, you might prefer a powerline adapter over using a really long Ethernet cable.

Alternatively, you can get a powerline Wifi extender.

That would probably be the best option. Which would you recommend?

A Powerline Ethernet Adapter (mentioned here) or a Starlink USB31000S USB3to-gigabit Ethernet Adapter (mentioned in the linked discussion above)?

With the way things are for the Laptop, I may purchase the Librem Mini Desktop instead. I checked the specs and it does have more CPU Cores and a more powerful graphics chip. I already have the monitor with an HDMI connector and a compatible mouse.

For using the Blender 3D creation software, I will have to buy a special 3-button mouse for that. This way I can hold off on getting the 15" Librem Laptop until the wireless and hinge issues are sorted out.

I think the point that @taylor-williamc was making was that … you mentioned that, in order to use ethernet, you would need a long ethernet cable. He was giving you a second choice.

Only you can really decide whether to go with the long ethernet cable or go with the powerline adapter.

Long ethernet cable is a trip hazard, may be interrupted by someone tripping on it, may be chewed through by the cat, may be aesthetically displeasing (aka looks like crap).

If none of those concerns apply then I would recommend the ethernet option.

There is cost either way but you would need to investigate the exact dollars involved.

If going the ethernet option then I would recommend using a particular make and model of USB-to-ethernet adapter that someone has already found to work out-of-the-box with PureOS. There is discussion in this forum of a couple of them e.g. @vmedea links to one such device above.

OR you could hope that Purism decides to add ethernet to the 15" laptop by the time you buy one. :slight_smile:

As @kieran said, I was just providing an alternative to using a long Ethernet cable.

To use the powerline adapter, you plug one adapter in by your router, and connect the router to the adapter with an Ethernet cable. You can then plug a second adapter somewhere else in your house (by your desk/work area), and this second adapter now acts like an Ethernet port - but you still need to connect to it with an Ethernet cable, and so you would then still need a USB-to-Ethernet adapter for the laptop.

But instead of using a powerline Ethernet adapter, you could instead you a powerline Wifi extender, which basically just replaces that second Ethernet adapter with a repeater type thing, so that you can get better Wifi access.

However, I see your edit, and yeah, the Librem Mini looks pretty neat. I’m saving up for one myself. If you don’t need the portability of a laptop, I’d definitely say you should get the Mini - but I’d still look into getting Ethernet available for the Mini

I am definitely getting the purism mini, I don’t have a need for portability for the foreseeable future.

Subject Tangent (it still deals with choosing a computer):
I also did a side-by-side comparison on security features between Purism and Apple computers. (See “apple.com/security”)

It seems Apple went overboard with the Security Software and Hardware development. The one thing I have no way of knowing is if the software already on the chips used to make apple computers is disabled/removed or not.

Your thoughts?

Only one? :slight_smile:

The one major thing that you have no way of knowing and no way of verifying is whether the rhetoric matches the software. There may be unintentional failures. There may be intentional failures. It is all a blackbox to you.

Is this a reference to the Intel Management Engine (Intel ME), aka the homunculus CPU?

The starting point for running MacOS on any recent Intel CPU is the same as the starting point for running Linux on the same CPU - you are vulnerable to the homunculus CPU.

However Purism does as much as it can to disable the homunculus CPU.

So the question is: does MacOS or the Apple firmware on the device attempt to disable the homunculus CPU as far as is possible?

If Apple gave you an answer, would you trust it? because you can’t verify it.

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That is the gist of what I was going for @kieran . Can’t verify what is active on the chips.

chips ? did you say chips ? :slight_smile: you can clearly see they are made out of potatoes … the question is can you trust that GMO or non-GMO to not harm you or you’re loved ones ?

Well shoot, do you plan to bring the buffet in for inspection? If salad package says “fresh picked” and I don’t see the salad leaves wilting, then we have a problem. @reC

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Last paragraph for this thread. For the time being I have made a virtual machine for PureOS itself, a training ground so I can get used to understand and tinkering with the OS. As for the software, i have downloaded and installed the mac equivalents of the free software I will be using for production purposes (GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus, Krita, et al.) once I get the Librem Mini.

That way i can hit the ground running and do a quick setup i should have a space for a home office by next year if after-COVID plans go smoothly, that way I can have a hardwired Ethernet connection to the Librem Mini bypassing any wifi issues.

Thanks for all your help (and humor) with my questions. If I come up with any issues I will be sure to create separate threads and document each problem I face accurately with solutions.

@reC @kieran et al.


don’t forget

  1. https://displaycal.net/
  2. https://hughski.com/faq.html
  3. https://www.darktable.org/news/

Scribus is the only piece of usable free-sw alternative to what the “big-boys” are offering … i wanted to donate to their awesome project but i couldn’t figure where to do so …

Thanks for sharing @reC . I am looking at your resources now. I will provide an edit when I am done.

Edit: I have downloaded GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus, Krita, and Libre Office for now. I will spend time learning about these software packages.

I do agree, I wish Scribus (and others) would allow public donations from individual people. Maybe ask them to consider the idea of individual people donations instead of just organizational donations alone; best of both worlds?

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