Wifi driver missing for Librem5

I cannot find a wifi driver for PureOS in Librem5. I just want the correct wifi driver.

How do you know it is missing to begin with?

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Can you post an error message? (Maybe not easily if you have no working WiFi.)

When did you get your Librem 5? Recent phones come with the SparkLAN card. Older phones come with the Redpine card. Can you shed light on which you might have?

Is the problem the driver or is the problem missing firmware?

Did you buy your Librem 5 direct from Purism or did you buy it second hand from a random?

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the problem is that it cannot detect the hardware and there are multiple incomplete versions installed. I can tell by clear examination, this person just ran the phone like Windows. Linux is not Windows. No purging, mismatching file versions, and now, dpkg bc apt will not accept it.

I usually keep a backup of about 3-5 versions for stability.

there’s no error messages. it can see the hardware in lsmod, and grep says it is simply unresponsive.

i moved the bluetooth file elsewhere but did not get rid of it. it needs the drivers for the hardware.

bluetooth driver* I didn’t get rid of it. I just moved it out of /lib/firmware.

Just blow it all away by reflashing from scratch.

Whatever shambolic state the previous owner left you, it is insecure to continue with the phone as it is, even if you can get things working.


Other than security purposes, another important reason to reflash a new image is for performance. It could still be on Amber for all we know.

That being said, they are free to mix and match software/firmware as they see fit on their Librem 5, even if it causes further incompatibilty issues down the road. After all, the main appeal of the Librem 5 is freedom at the cost of responsibility.

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Man. I sent the phone back for a refund. I found all the shadow locks on the device. It was too much like Chinese communism.

Everything is locked by the manufacturer. Su and Sudo access is not allowed. They had problems with crackers and social engineers from late 2019-2021. They have it locked preventing anything from running. It’s just a missing driver. Not powerful enough for security. I’m out. There’s pics. I took the device through a very intense lab. Without root access, it is useless. I don’t buy.

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You may use it CRT Mode to Reburning newer firmware, i guess it will fix the issue if so.

For ‘lspci’ output install: sudo aptitude install pciutils


Purism Community.

Your own screenshot proved you wrong.

Also, If you don’t see the baseband modem, nor the WIFI or bluetooth, maybe try to put to the ON position the hardware kill switches, in the left side of the device (I’m sure Xi Jinping would love seeing those HKS on every phone…right ?)


Thank you for reflashing a new Librem 5 image.

Have you removed the back of the Librem 5 and confirmed that there is a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth modem installed?

On the default PureOS included with Librem 5, the user password to unlock sudo is the PIN code to unlock the screen. They use the same password data.

It sounds like you were not informed about this matter, but that is how the Librem 5 works. These commands and functions are generally all Debian based, so it was not even Purism who invented the concept of sudo or the privilege levels in the GNU+Linux kernel and related systems.