WiFi: Hidden SSID doesn't connect automatically

I’ve noticed that although the L5 stores the login information for my home wifi, it doesn’t connect automatically on power-up. I have to go into the wifi settings and manually select it in the sub-menus.
Is this by design, or is it an unknown bug?

Edit: I meant to say: when I’m using a hidden SSID.
Edit2: And I should add that there is a setting for “Connect automatically,” but it doesn’t appear to be working.

Just in case this is not a fully developed feature that’s going to change, for my two cents, I’d prefer to have a setting to select the behavior. Preferably both, default behavior as well as per network.


BTW, it also stores the login information for past hotspots, if anybody was wondering.

Never used NM but in general in addition to scan_ssid option (to connect to hidden SSIDs automatically which should enabled by the hidden flag set) general configuration may need ap_scan=2 option (default is 1) to explicitly probe each configured APs rather than collecting beacons and sort them by prio.

Technically modern wifi drivers should handle it automatically once scan_ssid option is set, but some drivers may need additional push with ap_scan=2. Again I’m not an NM user but after googling a little I cannot find a way to make ap_scan=2 in NM.

tl;dr if with ap_scan=2 in /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf it auto-connects you’ll likely need to file a bug against kernel, maybe downstream for a start.

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(Not answering your question but) It is generally recommended not to use hidden SSID. One consideration is that it may not be undetectable even when it is ‘hidden’. So you are just creating hassle for yourself but without solving the unstated problem?

In other words, security through obscurity. Genuine WiFi security comes from having the right security settings e.g. use latest available generation of security, with strong passphrase, …