Wifi issue on L14

Ok, so I’m fairly new to the whole Linux thing and had my L14 arrive a few days ago. I haven’t had any issues with the wifi connection over multiple networks until today when randomly it just stopped working. The wifi card is still getting a connection and an IP address but not getting a connection outbound. Ive been searching the forums and the internet to check for common issues but nothing has helped.

Surely this has to be something silly that I’m overlooking so any help would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance

What did you try?

I would try to ping google.com and check whether you can reach it. Then, you may have only a bad connection.
Can you also share the output of the command iwconfig?

Or ping any site OTHER THAN Google! Lol!

I would suggest first using the Wifi/Bluetooth killswitch to disable and then re-enable the Wifi/Bluetooth.

I would then open a terminal and use the ping command, as others have said.

If you can ping an IP address ( but not a domain (quad9.net), then you are experiencing a DNS issue, and changing your DNS server to something else like could possibly solve your problem. If you cannot ping an external IP address, then make sure that you can ping your router’s IP address.

You could also forget the network and sign in again to see if that solves it.