Wifi kill switch is more useful than you think

I suppose this applies to Purism phones as well, but my comment is about laptops.

I’ve found some other fabulous use cases for this switch that have nothing to do with security, so I thought I’d share them:

  • Load your favorite news website and click on a story. Story loads. Banners load. Autoplay videos load. Oops, wait, they actually didn’t because you killed the wifi immediately after the story loaded :sunglasses: And best of all, you can turn it all back on when you want to, then reconnect to the same wifi SSID without using the damn awkward network setup menu.

  • Click on that web link your friend sent you. Watch the page load then… oh no! It’s an annoying subscribe-or-get-lost dialog box covering the whole screen! But fear not: clear your cache, reload the page, then kill the wifi just before the content gets obscured. :partying_face:

  • It’s bedtime. You don’t want to hear your fan buzzing on and off all night, and sure as hell don’t want any apps “protecting” you by keeping in touch with Big Brother. Better switch off the wifi. Oh, and this will reduce unnecessary nighttime power consumption as well.

  • Uh oh, you knew you shouldn’t have answered that scammy IM. Time for your device to disappear, as in now, so you can get a new identity and think for a while before doing damage control.

Happy networking, people!


Great suggestions :grin: