Wifi networks problem

Can you copy and paste the exact command you are entering? You can copy text from the terminal by highlighting and using Shift+Ctrl+C (and you can paste text into the terminal with Shift+Ctrl+V)

i can push the up button to bring back the command and rewrite it

Sorry, I mean, please paste the exact command you are using here in these forums, so that we can have a look. And please tell us where the .deb file you are trying to install is located, as well as the actual name of the .deb file.

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i used the exact commands you suggested me
i transfered the files through an usb cable from my phone to the downloads folder of my laptop,yet it says it doesn’t find it there

Until I see a screenshot or something, I don’t think there is much more I can do to help.

You realise that you can’t use the exact command suggested, which was

sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/<name of file>.deb

because you have to replace <name of file> with the actual name of the file, leaving out the < and leaving out the >


In fact, in shell the above will fail horribly / make a mess (due to the use of the unintended shell redirection operators).