Wifi Speed PureOS vs Fedora 31

Is it possible that Fedora is using different wifi drivers for the Librem 13 ? I see a difference of apprx. 20Mbit when doing a speedtest(.net) via Firefox (Fedora) and PureBrowser (PureOS). And if so, how can I use the faster (from Fedora) ones with PureOS? Thanks!

it might be that the web page you are trying to benchmark against runs some proprietary components that PureBrowser won’t use for digital-freedoms sake … that might be one explanation …

maybe pick a web-page that gets equal results and verify why that is …

And it could well be that fedora is using binary blobs where pureos is not. Fedora tends to be fairly FREE, but AFAIK it does include firmware blobs.
So, we would need more specific information to make that call :smiley:

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