Wifi Works in PureOS 9 but not Pure OS 10

I have a Lenovo T61 laptop in which I use the Technoethical N150 USB wifi since the onboard wifi doesn’t have open source drivers/firmware. This USB wifi works on Pure OS 9; Trisquel; and Parabola so far but when I boot up the live image of Pure OS 10 it never recognizes this wifi and says I have no wifi adapter installed. Any idea why ? I want to use Pure OS 10 over 9 because it has OTPClient in the repos where Pure OS 9 and Trisquel don’t and the Flatpak version of it has issues. Here is a link to the wifi I use:


Do you have the package firmware-ath9k-htc installed? The description of it mentioned the AR9271 chip. (I found this by running apt search AR9271 on PureOS 10).


Thank you ! Installing this solved my issue and the wifi works now.

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