Will be possible to remove the bottom bar?

I think the bottom bar is a waste of space, it would be nice if the launcher opened by sliding the bottom to the top with the finger and backwards to close it.
The keyboard should open by it’s own when you press in any writing area and to close it, again, by sliding from the top to the bottom.


When I think back to all the spring board customizations cydia made possible on the early iphones without that even being free software, I’m pretty confident this is something we’ll see after the community gets its hands on the phones.


Afaik there is no definite answer for your question. But maybe this can help: GNOME gestures for Phosh


I didn’t see that post before, that’s exactly what I’m looking for. I hope the developers do that possible, if not community will do it as @g4stly says.

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At first I thought the same, remove the bar. The bar is most likley there because touch input needs improvement and will go when another technique is reliable enough. It’s (currently) a waste of space.

But then I tought, why copy what Apple is doing? Why not use the bar to bring different functionality? Apple has two top menus, L5 could have a bottom and top menu. What new paradigm could Linux users do? We could create a new ‘mobile/desktop environment’.

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My impression is the bar is there for ease of testing during development, and while that may extend briefly into the UX, I would not expect it to be a permanent feature.

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Is not a question of copy Apple is about functionality, the bar now I just doing one thing and that can be done by a simple movement, if you create a paradigm that works better than that I will use it for sure.
Maybe @BHydden is right, looks like it is just a development workaround.

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I wouldnt mind a bottom bar if it would:

  • Ease multitasking e.g. through swiping left/right to switch between open apps. With a bottom bar you would not have to use edge swipes like SailfishOS, Ubuntu Touch and Android 10 (which imo is the worst with the bottom handle).
  • Allow closing apps/dialogs etc easily

And of course the current use case of bringing up open apps + launcher