Will buyers of the Librem 5 have to pay extra as a consequence of the tariffs Trump is imposing on Chinese goods?


Is there any chance we will get them before the tariffs take effect? I think I read somewhere that we have until June. I would honestly rather have a phone that doesn’t have all the kinks ironed out instead of having to pay an extra $150.


I think the tariffs taking effect now are on the same $200 billion of goods, going from 10% to 25%. The Trump administration is proposing putting tariffs on another $300 billion worth of goods, which if adopted will include cell phones imported from China.

I read somewhere that the new tariffs need to be submitted for a commenting period of 60 days. So it won’t be June 1.

That said, if the tariffs go through it will make cellphones built in China more expensive. But there is more time before that happens. And hopefully a trade deal will be reached.


Purism imports them. Legally they can’t raise the price in existing orders. But it would really suck for them.


For the customers that needs to be shipped to the US they are probably screwed, but for the customers who live in other parts of the world are they able to get the manufacturer or the distributor to test and flash the devices so every phone doesn’t have to go through the Purism in the US and therefore avoid the tax?