Will I be able to make my L5 a SDR software defined radio?

I found a USB to USB-C adapter then this guy here https://www.amazon.com/RTL-SDR-Blog-RTL2832U-Software-Defined/dp/B011HVUEME/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=sdr&qid=1569526874&s=gateway&sr=8-3

Then I was thinking skywave maybe or other linux SDR software . whatever I can find in the software center that will work .

Could this be a thing ? Turn the L5 into an SDR ?


I bet it’d work! Should work with GQRX, although it may not look as nice on a phone.

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My main concern would be graphical user interface compatibility (does it fit on the screen, can you operate the controls with your fingers or do you need the precision of a mouse pointer?)

Command line software should be fine, as long as you don’t mind using an on-screen keyboard.

Of course, it all needs to have been compiled to run on arm64.

Since the RTL-SDR hardware is USB connected, it ought to “just work”.

Individual programs are one thing; it will be considerably more challenging to Install an entire specialist operating system distro, unless the distro maintainers support the Librem 5. I’d rule that option out unless you want to dig deep.

nothing too special just something with a frequency data field to switch it to whatever frequency then band selection ya know like CW LSB USB AM FM

maybe volume control. what im picturing is very elementary . maybe band width selection and squelch .

Theres enough real estate on this screen to where full screen what im picturing should function with your finger and would function better with a stylus.

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Sorry, I probably wasn’t 100% clear. I was talking about the possible problems with running existing software designed for desktop use.

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I think I know what that is and development of what users want (instead of just what’s marketable) I think is going to be key to this devices success :smiley:

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this seems like it’s been featured on the snooptube’s/channel/Level1Techs - last week or so by Ryan < shameless plug ?

They already have SDR radio hardwar dongles you can plug in . You just need a GUI .


Cool! (and I wonder if it would still work with a usb/usb-c adapter…should (?))

Heres an example. it comes with a USB dongle side to USB-C cable to connect to your phone . woops that wasnt USB-C . Lemme go find one .

here it is . https://www.amazon.com/NESDR-Nano-OTG-USB-C-Go/dp/B07XPZMDZV

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