Will Librem 15 v3 be coming soon?

Will Librem 15 v3 be coming soon? Just asking before I actually buy anything.

The Librem 15 “v3” (new version with all the goodies) is the one shipping as part of this new batch. Or did you mean a Librem 15 “v4” (does not exist yet)? I don’t think there will be a v4 “next month” if that’s what you’re asking, it will probably take a bit longer than that :wink:

Well, more or less thinking along the lines of “By Fall”. And yes, I mean v4, my bad. I must’ve been thinking of the Librem 13 when writing.

I ask for two main reasons:

  • Personal reasons - financial and I’m moving and stuff soon. I kinda feel like getting myself situated where I’m gonna be staying before I make any big new purchases.
  • Purism seems to have getting over the Intel ME / Coreboot hump and I feel like things might start progressing rather rapidly once that’s over. I figure maybe it’ll be better to wait until you reach that “Purism Standard” before jumping the gun and buying. Otherwise I may have buyer’s remorse, unless you can really do everything in a software update.

By the way, is your roadmap still accurate or are you further up now? It kinda seems like you’re just about on the “Libreboot” step now, though it seems to me like you’ve probably opted to make your own blob-less Coreboot rather than going with Libreboot (and I don’t blame you, Libreboot just doesn’t roll off the tongue and there’s been… drama, at Libreboot which makes it seem unprofessional now). Seems like the Roadmap might need updating, but yeah after that it just becomes a matter of freeing the drive firmware, yes? Not sure if the difficulty level of that but it sounds a lot easier than the Intel ME / BIOS hump.

your questions are really interesting, i hope they will give an answer

Eh, it’s more just a personal question in case they’re willing to give an answer.

Usually companies don’t answer these kinds of questions because A. They don’t really know and don’t want to get people hyped for a specific date and B. They don’t want people to cease buying the current model just to wait for the next one.

But I just wanted to ask in case they had anything worth sharing. I just didn’t want to pull the trigger now if Librem 15 v4 would come out between now and October or something.

Changed title to “v4” instead of v3, too.

@Alex said:

By the way, is your roadmap29 still accurate or are you further up now? It kinda seems like you’re just about on the “Libreboot” step now,

This is something I am very interested in. I am constantly considering purchasing a Librem laptop but I really want something with no blobs. (LibreBoot). Has there been any work on getting rid of the blobs besides the ME? Or do we want to get rid of the ME first?

And do we know when the next CoreBoot status blog post will be? Its been longer than the average time between such posts and I’m starting to worry that Purism is focusing all their attention on the phone project. I’d hate for Purism to do what Canonical and Mozilla did and abandon their core product for a year while working on a phone project.

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There will be new blog which touches all your questions, in a 2-3 days.

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Awesome. Can’t wait to read the new blog. Reading Purism blogs is one of the highlights of my day.

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Nearly hit the New Year by now. Any good news on this?