Will Librem 5 will GNU Linux-libre 5.0-gnu?

I just read the Alexandre Oliva mail about the GNU Linux-libre 5.0-gnu release. And I wonder if PureOS kernel version running on Librem 5 will be GNU Linux-libre 5.0-gnu.

In sort, is A Kernel Without Any Binary Blobs/Firmware.

Anyone could tell me what kernel version is running on PureOS 8.0 Prometeus Beta 1

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If I’m not mistaken, Debian / PureOS use Linux Libre kernel for years, but not yet in v5.0.

to get the sweet amd open source drivers for apus and dedicated gaming cards you only need the kernel 4.18 from ubuntu 18.10 but pureos has alot of stuff removed or disabled that don’t concern the librem specific hardware. what is so great about the 5.0 other than it’s newer.

I would like the PureOS OS to have Linux-libre as its kernel. Binary blobs are not just removed, remaining obfuscated/proprietary code and proprietary software/firmware would be gone as well.

That would reduce the potential of code exploits and any of its traces.

PureOS it using GNU kernel, so i not sure what you mean?
So Librem 5 it is the unique using tricked GNU kernel, which is amazing…IMHO

According to the wikipedia page as quoted,

By the assertions of the wikipedia page, PureOS is using a Linux kernel that only removes all binary blobs. I believe PureOS can use the Linux-libre kernel. Of course, testing is required before implementation.
Note that the Uruk GNU/Linux currently uses Linux-libre kernel.

There is no assertion because it doesn’t say “is used by default in only these distributions.” The fact that PureOS isn’t on that list doesn’t mean anything.

Wikipedia is not perfect and worse when an opensource peoples is taping for GNU things.

Either way if Purism is washing the blobs still it is a GNU Kernel(linuxlibre).

But i really nervious for PureOS managed for opensource purism programmers.