Will Librem 5 work on the AT&T network?

Any notion as to whether the Librem 5 will work on the AT&T network in the United States?

Sure. LTE will be standard and the modem can fall back to 3g. I don’t know about 2g rates that some Companies force users into after too much data. This was a problem, but now unlimited data takes care of that issue.

Att uses the basic LTE and is not like Sprint with actually different frequencies.

Also, companies sub-contract Att services like Tracfone and StraighTalk, both will work w this phone and needed SIM card. Cheers!

Thank you! OK, I will be pre-ordering one soon!

Just a quick FYI. I made use of the payment plan that costs $50 a month for 12 months. That’s still the intro price. The phone costs $100 more starting January 7th.

I did not include the ‘usb key’ and will have to pu one later. I already have a yubi but I’m learning that the Librem Key might be more applicable. I should have gotten both the phone and the key on the payment plan :slight_smile:

Cheers! Can’t wait for April!!! :v:t2:

I’m aware of the pending price hike on the Librem 5. “Soon” means “in the next couple of days” in this case!

I too can’t wait for April. Every time I want to take a picture with my present phone, I have to remove the outer otter box rubber layer so I can peel back the electrical tape over my camera lens (and there’s another square of tape over the camera on the front side). I got that paranoid when I was innocently browsing the web and Firefox asked for permission to use both the mike and camera. Really??? What in the bloody hell blazes for?!! Yeah, at this point, I’d kill for the kill switch (and I’m quite aware I can’t do anything about the microphone on my current phone too–which makes the librem 5 kill switch feature even more desirable). It’s going to be a pain in the arse remembering to unkill the mic before answering the phone, but I’ll get used to it.

I recently purchased a librem 13 with the key. I eventually discovered the key cannot, at present, be used for anything other than PGP or GPG key storage–not something I care about at all, so I’ve set it aside pending upgrades that will make it useful to me.

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Has anyone gotten the Librem 5 registered on AT&T? AT&T’s website refuses saying it is not an approved device.

I seen that Newer SIM is reusing to get connected(not volte things,but signal) on Gnu Operating Systems because it is not Android or iOS so in this case there are a exercise that may work. Volte it is not 4G Call but a 4.5G Call-Service to get compat to 5G Call, so to get conected to ATT VoLTE Service(4.5G) the Modem it need to support ATT BLOB VoLTE otherwise it will never conected, so atm i not sure if the US L5 Modem support Att volte and even if the volte is enabled in modem it just not mean that will work on ATT and of course there are exercise to get connected too , but the firmwares for modem it is not available for public and i can not help you more, so may you need to contact to Purism support about it.

For US peoples i really recommend to switch to “4G only” otherwise will unreliable.

My SIM, which was working for me previously on my old Android on AT&T, works now in my Librem 5 with no issue.

The secret sauce might be activating the SIM while it’s in an Android, then swapping it to the L5.


Hey i like your Avatar.

Cheers, Stay Librem 5!

I think that is the key.