Will Librem 5's Browser Work When Sleeping?

We need to be able to play audio from websites while the phone is sleeping… And videos too, so the audio continues (in YouTube). Will this work?

Of course, a FOSS podcast curator/player and audio streamer would be preferable. I’m more interested in podcasts than audio streaming. Anyone know of one that connect to PodBean to download, curate and play podcasts?

If by sleeping you mean that the CPU is halted, then no phone that I’m aware of can do that :slight_smile: If you mean that the screen is turned off or something, then sure!


I am looking forward Podcasts being ported, I don’t know PodBean but you can always suggest the feature. :slight_smile:

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I listen to the “Libre Lounge” on Rythmbox. It’s a podcast released via an atom feed; https://librelounge.org/atom-feed.atom

The podcasts app will definitely be available.