Will Librem support any pentesting features

Hi just wondering if the Librem 5 support’s wifi promiscuous mode or would I have to use different drivers ,does it have terminal and can you use sudo command ?


It has a terminal and it does sudo.

Promiscuous mode - I assume you mean wifi monitor mode. I think that was there somewhere, but I don’t actually know.

If you plug in a USB card with monitor mode support, there is nothing in the L5 to stop you from using it.


I am eager to see what the pentest community will make out of the L5 when they get going. :smiley:

I’m going to editorialize a bit here, 'cause nobody asks my opinion about this, and it’s low hanging rant fruit lol; “Offensive Security” really pushed to have Kali Linux, and then Kali Nethunter, to be a standard, not so much for security or “ethical hacking”, but for “standardized computer security training”. They did this following the well worn path of Red Hat Inc. I fondly remember the times before Andover.net bought Slashdot and Freshmeat… anyways, now Red Hat is owned by IBM, I’d say things have come full circle, but maybe “full rotation or two of a spiral down the toilet bowl” might be more accurate. lol

So Offensive Security went on a publicity initiative and succeeded. They even made Kali a “Linux Subsystem for Windows”, which sounded to me like the world’s biggest honeypot for tracking “script kiddies” as well as aspiring “ethical hackers”. They embraced OnePlus early on for NetHunter, which I think was a mutual sales boost for both. I’m not sure about Copperhead OS, apparently there’s compatibility problems with phones other than Pixels, and whether their standards are compatible with Librem, idk.

At any rate, I think some software or training aka “education” company with deep pockets, if not obvious commercial interests, would have to embrace and promote a Librem phone for the “pentest community”, or aspiring beginning pentesters to even notice. Serious professionals would even have an interest in only one or two iterations of Librem phones selling well and then collapsing so that they would forever more be aftermarket items, buyable with more anonymity (whether real of perceived). An embrace by the pentester community could be a “kiss of death”. Just my 2 cents. Safe smartphoning, everybody!


The L5 and subsequently Purism was introduced to me by a fellow pentester. FWIW.