Will power management be dependent on software updates for all batch releases?

I was curious if each batch release will have updates for power management or if we took one of the first two batches for our order and the phone is stuck with power management issues.

I’m okay to work in the terminal to do updates for power management but I don’t want a pricey phone that has issues that can’t be fixed. Aspen isn’t basically the devkit in a case is it?

I’m trying to decide which batch release I should do like everyone else, depending on my place in line when they contact us for shipping.

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Yes, that’s all about software. The chips are all the same.

Of course, if the feedback indicates that e.g. a heart spreader should be be slightly modified, they’d do it. I would not fear that, but if you do, don’t take Aspen. :grinning:

Also listen to this great insight (on batch differences) by the Linux Gamer:


Ah thanks for the help. Now that I understand that the quality standard is the same just minor improvements, I am excited to take whatever batch I end up in. The phones performance will improve as updates roll out. Now I’m getting excited!