Will PureOS have 'iCloud-like' sync with Librem 5?


I would like to add that the Librem 5 will support Micro SD cards with storage up to 2GB (GiB or GB?). I am not sure what “biggest” sd cards are at the moment. I guess more than 1GB or so. I plan to mount it into the librem 5’s directory hierarchy and then sync it with my linux server at home with rsync over ssh. Maybe I can even go so far that the Librem 5 will become my leading device degrading the server to a backup only system. I we see what is possible when I hold the Librem 5 in my hands.

P.S. Also I still have my current Android device which lacks a Micro SD slot. So I will probably carry two devices with me and the Librem 5 be a file server over ssh / scp / sftp for the android over Wifi. Not sure if this will be possible.


You’re out by a factor of 1000.

512GB easy (but getting a bit expensive). 1TB, 2TB probably.


Spec says 2TB. As in Tera, not as in Giga. So, the biggest you can buy for money should work fine.


Ups. Yes of course Terra. :smiley:

I read that this is the maximum of specification for the Micro SD slot, which is equal to common android devices. The android device manufacturers support cards < 2TB officially because it is untested.


Sorry, please don’t tera-part me for being peta-ntic, but Terra is the world. Tera is when you can store the world on it. Just my two bits. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sry. I should have known better.

Nice wording. :wink:


I think you should get an atto-boy for this exa-lent reply.


Perhaps he could get a giga as a comedian.

Do we know what the speed spec of the microSD card slot is?


But I’ve already seen people suspecting that the point of Librem One (and PureOS Store) was to create a new closed eco-system people would be tied to.

Just a quick note that the openness is multidirectional. You can use Librem One without using any Librem hardware. You can use Librem One clients on other services. You can use your preferred client with Librem One services. And one day you will be able to run services on your own server. (You can already do this today with a huge effort, but the dream is to make it a medium-to-small effort :wink: )


The same is true for PureOS and PureOS Store. It has no lock-in, no centralization (but it can and likely will be federated.)


Sure, you don’t need to convince me. :grinning:
I think it is very clever to build LO as a bridge for people on non-free systems.

I guess we’ll get the DIY variant around the time you’ll offer a NAS / homeserver? (Not expecting an answer, but worth a try :wink:)

While I have you, may I suggest to add e.g. FramaDate to LO? I think it could serve as a very low barrier entry point for people to get to know about the services (via polls they participate in).

Like this:

  • no account: Librem Date
  • free account: chat, social
  • paid account: mail, vpn, files …


@Caliga This is what I am going through right now! The fact that I am willing to do the additional work to figure out how to use PureOS and install its applications ( and that I have read read “Brave New World”, Fahrenheit 451", “Lord of the Flies”, etc.) says a lot about how I think and operate.