Will put my money where my mouth is

It appears that I crave this phone.
Unfortunately, I cannot afford it unless i sell my 3 phones (two iPhones and one android).
So once it is out. I will replace those 2 iphones with a librem.
(i need the android for work unfortunately.)
If anyone here is in the same notion. please like so purism brand have an idea how many people are actually
expecting this.
(when i last looked it says 3.2k people which is a joke. WAAAAAAY more people are behind this, Especially now with big companies buying redhat and what not).



My life will be on this phone asap


But… how the heck can you afford 2 iPhones but not one Librem? It should be rather the other way round. If you had set $50 aside every month, you could have it by now.

I also think (hope!) there are more than just 4000 people who want one. I speculated here a bit about it. So currently, the monthly demand is about 130 devices. From past experience, Purism can probably extrapolate how much this demand will grow when it’s actually out (much better than from the at-most 50 likes you’ll receive on your post).

Hopefully, the response will be better than for “just” a Linux laptop. For that reason, I also don’t mind the shipment delay. Those months the hardware is delayed will make the software better and leave a better first impression.


Sorry for late reply… I didn’t pay for either, not even in the phone plan.
They (rogers) offered me those for “FREE” if i sign two more years and I had a phone free plan.
And since I have googfobia, and my bb bold and nokia symbian are dying, I took it.
I am weak, what can I say?
But I actually am ready to pre-pay so yey me.

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The librem 5 is going up by at least 100 dollars In Jan as the 599 was just and early bird backer price so it will be at least 699 Todd from purism said last week. So those who want one should lock in at the 599 USD price this month


They actually offer a payment plan!!!
So i went ahead and prepaid.

librem 5 - 599$ untill 2019 january 6th and from then onward it’ll return to 699$. grab it while it’s hot or cold :stuck_out_tongue: