Will the Librem 5 be able to run Android apps?

This is a huge question to me. Will I be able to run apps I use everyday?

Guess: Not at Day 1.

Consider that your question is similar to … will a phone that is designed to escape from surveillance capitalism be able to run surveillance capitalism apps?

I have no doubt that people will discover some iPhone or Android apps that they really really want to run but even one such app that is run has the potential to undo a lot of good work - so such a decision should not be taken lightly.

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This was a stretch goal when the Librem 5 was doing its crowd funding campaign. It is entirely possible to enable something like F-driod and use apps that follow FOSS principles. This however is not the focus now, and was not a goal reached during the fund raising.

Down the road, as the Librem 5 does well, I see this as a foregone conclusion. There is a host of software available and optimized for touch.

I hope the L5 will never run Android apps.

No need to start this discussion all over again. We have plenty of threads with all pros and cons, probabilities and possibilities. Just search Android.




With any luck no , it will not.

I honestly really hear everyone who doesn’t want Android compatibility to work. I love the idea of being able to break free. I think giving those who choose the option an option has important benefits. Unfortunately as someone who works somewhere where I need to be able to integrate with Android for my job, I can’t cold Turkey totally off the big systems. I hope Purism can become a major competitor that meaningfully threatens major options. I think this is really about accessibility to all our friends and family members who want non techie options but would be interested in more privacy protection.


so get a cheap work daily driver . folks mentioned 200.00 android devices that can do what you need.

Point being in youre running android apps on Librem its going to be less secure. Some Android app devs ran on old platforms as long as they could because of the elevated app permissions to spy on people who used their apps .

Android is shady . I doubt Purism will put much effort into android on the L5 . Maybe some devs will once its released and they can play with .

Some people will be unwilling to carry two phones.

It may be better to see how this goes in practice, rather than predict how it goes in advance. If there is a “must have” app where everyone is clamouring for it, it is likely to get created by someone but if you are buying the phone now, you may have to put up with a delay in getting your favourite “must have” app. The tricky area is likely to be an important but niche app.

I would just like to throw an app out there … I like the fact that on my current phone QR code detect, decode, visit is built into the camera app. Day 1 for the Librem 5? Who knows?

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HA ! i can see a future where i have a full MOLLE vest packed with as many primary/secondary devices i need to get the job done. wait which one is ringing ? oh damn they all are …

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