Will the Librem 5 give us more control over the sim card's protocol communications?


I’d like to be given the tool for a better transparency and management of these “communications” and decide for myself what to allow and what not to, even if there may be a risk of breaking some functionalities.

I see this tool/app being useful by allowing us to record all the logs (if told so), to aggregate this information in a way that it would become useful reading it (i.e. today the xyz call to the xyz function of the sim card was made 5 times, at 2 pm, 1 am etc…) and of course to block some calls/communications.


You can use Librem5 in three ways: one of them is only Wifi.

A No-Carrier Phone?

The Librem 5 can be used in any of three ways:

With a cellular carrier provided phone number, data plan, and WiFi
With a cellular carrier data plan, and WiFi
With no carrier, and using only WiFi

WiFi calling and VoIP calling will be able to be provided in WiFi or data plan modes. With the stretch goal further below, we expect to offer call-out, and call-in with phone numbers in all of these plans as well. If you still require a “traditional” phone number through a carrier and want to make unencrypted phone calls or messaging, it will be an option you can choose, but is not required (we recommend avoiding unencrypted phone calls).


That’s great, but all that requires internet access and when you don’t have it - you make traditional calls and this is where my suggestion would come in handy, it offers transparency and control to the user.