Will the librem 5 have a alphanumeric/non-alphanumeric passphrase option?

Just wondering if it will have this. I expect it to be available but just want to make sure.

I imagine it will eventually, but to do that they need to implement/debug that particular type of input - and the resulting passcodes - and I’m guessing it’s lower on the priority list right now. They just recently switched the input keypad from a “dialer” input type to a “keypad” input type (which added the delete button to the passcode screen.)

I don’t understand how a conpany who prizes self on privacy,and security aren’t even focussing on such a thing.

This is probably on their radar. But currently there a thing to do which are much more important. E.g. improving battery life, making camera to work, etc.


Privacy and security become pretty moot if you don’t have functionality. That is how a company can focus on functionality first even when they care about privacy and security.