Will the Librem 5 support my must have apps?

Mostly everything I need to do on my phone can be done in a browser, however there are a few apps that I still need and want to make sure the Librem 5 has them before I purchase it. I’ll link the Android versions of these apps if it helps at all.

  1. KeePass

  2. OTP 2FA Authenticator

  3. OpenVPN

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VPNs will most likely be supported. PureOS has built in support AFAIK.
TOTP: should not be hard to bring support for but I wouldn’t expect it off the bat.

Does anybody know more about KeePass?

@Napalm @blendergeek I don’t know how well the Librem 5 will be able to use desktop applications but KeePassXC might be the way to go for you

I care about having a suite of integrated productivity apps. This is the usual gang (calendar, todo list/GTD, email, messaging, etc. with great reminders). I’m stressing nicely integrated in this context!

My hope is that the phone form factor pushes the development of harmonizing those apps and make them work nicely together, seamlessly. I’m talking about mostly existing apps, such as

And here comes the best part: If this happens we’ll get a desktop setup that works so well for “getting things done” as only mobile devices do! This is the convergence I’m looking for.

Unfortunately, the GNOME desktop currently has this seamless integration a bit broken. You can see on several ends that many attempts have been made to put an integrated experience in place, but as of today it’s just broken. This is very sad.

Look at the calendar integration on the time applet (right upper corner on the GNOME desktop), for example: When you have a calendar source integrated (e.g. via “Social Accounts” in the System Settings) the calendar items show up. That’s fine, but any obvious way to open the fully-fledged calendar app is missing! – Interestingly, looking at a 7 year-old screenshot you figure this has already been better. So, we just need to get the mess cleaned up, it seems.

Is there anything specific planned with regards to this, for the Librem 5?

Hi @bittner . Try to look at this link. I think most of your must have apps are purism’s too. Well, maybe not… but take a look and comment!

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Thanks @luisfsr! That made me discover Geary, which is really a sweet app. Can’t wait for it to support cryptographic signing and encryption!

If this wasn’t clear from my “nicely integrated” statement: I’d really love to see a GNU/Linux desktop that behaves somewhat like a mobile device, i.e. no need to start up a Mail app (Thunderbird that takes quit some time and resources) and a Calendar app; instead you get notifications just like on your phone about incoming messages and due appointments, and when you click on a notification the related app opens.

The desktop should feel just as lightweight as a mobile device! :sunny:

You’re welcome! I hope the same as you. Maybe we’ll have a clearer idea of the OS in the upcoming days, since Purism’s roadmap is hiting its final months… But I am mostly certain that our hopes are aligned with the projects’ goals.