Will The Next Revisions Possibly Support Qubes 4.0?

I read somewhere that Librems will be incompatible with Qubes 4.0

I don’t know the details and honestly probably wouldn’t get it even if it was explained to me given that I’m not a developer or even a Linux user yet - but basically all I’m curious to know is if the next revisions of Librem possible fix this issue.

After all, I do kinda consider it to be a rather big deal. I think a lot of Linux fans that fall into your target market often want to load it up with Qubes.


I’m by no means as expert, but from what I can gather from some posts in this thread, even current revisions can become compatible, but it will take an update to coreboot to enable IOMMU/VT-d to achieve that compatibility.

Sounds like the coreboot update is in the works, but I dunno when you can actually expect it.

Others should feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

Sounds cool. I’m honestly just nervous to get it until the Coreboot is updated and comes that way. I’ve never flashed BIOS or anything before, so I’d figure the process up updating Coreboot might be rather involved for me unless there’s an idiot-proof way to do it.

Most complicated thing I’ve ever done in the realm of updating a driver is probably updating my system hard drive by using/booting from a USB toolkit (looked like a Linux distro of some sort. It was an OCZ SSD and was buggy as hell, really needed that update). I’m not exactly confident in myself I guess, don’t wanna break anything.

But I might be fine. Just always nervous about taking that first step into anything new. Like pressing the “Advanced Options” button for the very first time as a kid.

Yeah, I’m not too advanced myself. I’ve been using Linux for several years now, but haven’t done a whole lot of rooting around, and while I know some basic programming, I don’t ever write anything too complicated - I’m certainly not a developer.

But, based on this other thread, it looks like @kakaroto has a script that you run to update coreboot.

So it should be pretty idiot-proof!

I’m not a Librem user yet either (hopefully I’ll be getting my Librem 12 soon, but I’m holding off on a Librem 15, as my current computer is too recent a purchase to justify turning around and buying another new one), so I haven’t tried running his script, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen other forum members commenting that it worked wonderfully.

Yeah, flashing is a breeze, you can see in the other thread that it just works for everyone (fool proof! yeay!). We’re working on adding IOMMU support, but I have no ETA for it, then we’ll probably work on integrating the BIOS update in the fwupd tool. The work was already done for us by the fwupd developer, we just need to find the time to test it all and make sure it works without any risks of failure.
The current method involves running a script, answering 3 questions (which laptop model do you want to build this for, where to download the binary files needed, what serial number to set), then it builds everything then asks you if you want to flash it. EZ-PZ!