Will there be a Built in Ethernet


I’m very interested in the Librem products. But I find the lack of a built in ethernet port is putting me off from buying them. Will the next batch of machine’s have a Built in Ethernet?

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we heard you and quite some more have expressed this wish.
But since this is a major change in the harware and case design we can do realize this short term, I am afraid. But I can as much as our hardware partner is aware of our wish to have Ethernet and we are actively evaluating ways to get it into the machines (again - the V1 laptops had physical Ethernet).

So in short, no, the next batch is unlikely to have it but we are working on it.


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Why isn’t an adapter a solution for you? (honest question)

Thank’s I’ll be keeping an eye out.

An ethernet adapter is just too easy for me to loose, I don’t use Wifi that much, I would say 90% of the time I use ethernet for the speed and security of my networks.

Eth adapter mean your eth data will go on usb controller and this is not good for privacy and security

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I’d like to contribute to this conversation.

This is the same case for me, I’d love to have the Ethernet option and I’m holding back on buying a Librem until this is done.

Not only is this important for connection speed and security but also so that Wifi isn’t leaking everywhere and moving society in a direction of being forced to conform and be limited to an unaware world where wifi becomes the only option.
Not a lot of people talk about this but exposure to Wifi is detrimental to ones health and well-being.

So pushing back on the common sheepish way to pollute everywhere with Wifi frequencies with no awareness as to what they are really doing is a big step in the right direction; bigger than what it may seem on the surface.

So we need to have our vote for the world we want in every action - this is important.