Will there be a Librem Key Storage, now that it supports HOTP? (HEADS)

Today I’ve got a notification, that the folks from Nitrokey are introducing the HOTP functionality needed for HEADS for the Nitrokey Storage, which is pretty awesome, because the Nitrokey Storage has the option to upgrade the firmware and store files securely on it.

Sooooo this brings me to the partnership with Purism.

Does Purism plans to release another version of the Librem Key based on the Nitrokey Storage?

(Besides: And why is there no USB-C version available?)

Can’t speak definitively to most of this, but I have seen several posts by purism’s employees stating that they have a desire to bring a usb-c Librem key to market it’s just not there yet. I take this to mean it’s in the pipeline and is coming “soon”.

kyle explains here >> Introducing the Librem Key

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I’ll definitely need to bump this again :slight_smile:

Here’s the corresponding ticket, which is closed now because the feature got finalized from the devs of the Nitrokey:

Not based, Nitrokey Pro 2 is the Librem Key, they didn’t change anything^^
I asked the company who made the key.
Buy the cheaper Nitrokey Pro 2 if you’re living in Europe :slight_smile:
Or take the other key with extra storage!

Why are you persisting in spoiling purism’s reputation here? Is it your social justice target or just paid job?

To the point - if you read commit history you’d see nitrokey actually included Purism’s features in the nitrokey. So yes, they may not differ now but not because purism didn’t change anything but because purism helped nitrokey to create the product.

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Why are you persisting in spoiling purism’s reputation here?

As it turns out people don’t like liars.

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Ah, ok, so you are many and the name is Legion.

Thanks! Okay then im wrong. But the Librem Key is only now the Nitrokey and you can buy this key in Europe. Better for climate and cheaper without taxes. But is purism telling us this?
“If you’re from Europe buy this stick there, we cooperate with this company”
I like purism, but not all things they do are so “social” or worth the price.
Don’t act like a fanboy. If you want to change the world you must be critical every time in all things.
That’s all what i’m doing.