Will there be a soft toggle anywhere for airplane mode?

I simply thought this would be a no brainer on a cell phone. I dont put open air microwaves running in my pocket .

And someone said the L5 might not be able to sustain frequent actuation of the hardware switches.

This might be a deal breaker for me . Airplane mode or some variant thereof is a necessity for me .

I know it might not seem like a big deal to many but I just cant do it . Hopefully someone thought of this. Otherwise I may need to request a refund :confused: Which I dont want at all . Ill be extremely sad if there is no airplane toggle.

If I have tumors in me from cell radiation if the hardware switches arent rated for frequent use my privacy wont matter much

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Oh, Is that so? Source? I mean real source not speculation.

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Corrected with IF not rated for frequent use . But I cant imagine they are meant to be actuated 30 times a day .

My phone is literally on airplane mode unless im using it when not at home . I assumed there would be an airplane mode like in every other phone built in to subsidize the hardware switches.

Speaking of tumors
I hope you are taking care of wifi routers at home proper - keeping the safe distance or turning them off. Same goes with any wifi devices in use - far from the body

I have no clue why every time I reply it doesn’t reply directly to the person, so gotta delete and click again

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Yea im on the very edge of the wifi signal and never go in the room the router is located.

You can also make a faraday cage around your bed. I saw some people doing it and it seems cool, I might do it sometime.

If you buy 2 L5s and keep them synchronised and always keep one in the cage then your data stays safe and you will have access to a working L5 in the case of an EMP attack. Maybe you should get 3 L5s just for the case that a second EMP attack comes before you have had time to buy another L5 after the first EMP attack.

OK that was kidding but seriously I think a faraday cage bed would be great to have.


Purism is working on a soft toggle for airplane mode:

it was a pure ASSUMPTION mind you - just food for thought not to be taken as proof or real source. i usually give links when i want to make a proper statement.


Man I got nervous .

How do people call you??

I really use it as a mobile voice mail / text machine with the ability to call out . unless im hanging out somewhere then I leave it on but not close to me but I never keep it in my pocket not on airplane mode.

And when I do make a call its on speakerphone. I never put this these little microwaves up to my head .


wouldn’t a pair of mic-iems make for a better call experience ? speakerphone is ok if you are alone at home but in public not so much. unless you want to troll everyone :grin:

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and obvious potential privacy issues.

However, I didn’t see anything about it in the phosh mockup.
I don’t know where it’ll be on the menus.

I usually have on ear headphones with me when im out to use and then just use the phone for a mic . unless im at work . Then I dont use the phone at all .

And if I dont have headphones i just turn the volume all the way down so only I can hear it on speaker.

Don’t forget to ground it.


you are “grounded” !!!

A Faraday cage over my bed hahaha That would be awesome .

Not an answer, but you can do it manually now with AT commands, i wonder what the benefit would be compared to just toggling it off?:

How to set airplane mode
A. Type ATCommad“AT+CFUN=4”, enter intoairpalne mode.
(at+cfun=1 is normal mode;at+cfun=0 turn off RF, SIM 卡
cannot register ;default is equal 1;at+cfun?shows
current status)


It seems Gnome settings would have to be updated to include a lot more modem related settings:


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