Will X-ray images of Chestnut, Dogwood, and Evergreen be released?

I saw on the developer documentation today that Birch is the only device with X-ray images, and there don’t appear to be any docs for Dogwood yet. Are there plans to release X-ray images of any batches past Birch?

or i can bribe my dentist in order to let me do a few X-ray scans of my L5 when i get it … or better yet give my dentist an L5 in exchange for the X-Ray permit :rofl: :shushing_face:


You might want to check out the list of changes in Dogwood, which are found on the first page of the Dogwood schematics:

I assume there won’t be many more hardware changes after Dogwood.

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We’ll definitely be posting X-Rays for Evergreen. I’m not sure how useful they would be for previous batches at this point as they are already delivered and we haven’t gotten any requests from those backers.


Good to hear. But if at all possible, can you nudge you X-ray provider a bit on the quality? It was a hassle to try to stitch the images together to create a full picture (more overlap would help) - and even then it was a bit off (different focus and exposures, angles were not symmetric etc.). Devil is (or could be) in the details, as the saying goes.


That would be ideal. I tried stitching the images for Birch together myself when they first came out, manually, but they were just too different to get a smooth result.

Out of curiosity, will you post an example x-ray or will there be x-rays for every receiver of their shipped Evergreen device?

We will publish an example x-ray of Evergreen but it would be far too labor-intensive to x-ray every individual Evergreen device, especially given 99.9% of customers will not bother (nor have the resources) to confirm the x-ray on their own.