Windows 10 drivers for Librem15v3

I am using PureOs and Windows in DualBoot.
PureOs is working as expected out of the box.
All the hardware is working well with Windows 10 except:

  • The Touchpad has no multitouch support
  • The screen’s brightness is not adjustable

Especially for the brightness, i am really in need of a solution. I have not found anything usable while researching this on the net.

Help would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

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So you bought a Librem to run Windows10 (among other OSes). Unbelievable.

I am an old guy and remembering the old days and how much the community has suffered from Windows practices, I would answer, “why don’t you ask Microsoft?”

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Thanks for your reply, I am really interested in having this conversation as I was born 1995 and therefore never fully experienced the “old days” open source communities.
Me dual booting Windows on a Librem for (very specific and constrained) certain purposes for me is a compromise which is already very radical (into the libre direction), far away from what people around me do. And for me it seems the best i can manage.
Your perspective must be a very different one with me on the exact other end of the spectrum, right?
As i said i would appreciate your reply.

I understand your point of view and I applaud the fact that you are seriously ahead of the people around you. Keep pushing ahead.

Around 1995 was the last time I owned a machine with Windows on it, because there was no way (or was too difficult) to write my native language (Greek) on Linux or Unix-es of that time. Anyway…, I can not provide any help. Possibly someone else here may provide some useful information-Good luck.

By the way, and just out of curiosity, what can Windows10 do for you that PureOs does not do better? Games? This I would understand. If not Games, then what?

Working exclusively on Linux so many years now, I seriously find Windows to be a difficult for the user OS. For example, why do you need to Control-C text to copy? You already have highlighted it. I wonder which Redmond-genius thought that you need to Control-C, and highlight is not enough?

Interesting to hear that even you once used Windows :wink:
For my everyday use PureOs can do everything i need.
Right now i only need Windows for iTunes (ironically not exactly THE Microsoft product) and very rarely for games.
I gathered a huge music library over the years and spent a lot of time cleaning, tagging and sorting it in iTunes. This was a huge mistake as i tried to switch to another player many times but never got away from my perfectly organised iTunes.
This really is an aesthetic problem but thats what music is about i guess…

The CTRL-C might be handy if you’re paranoid of some program stealing your clipboard. (You mistype your password somewhere, mark to delete it but now have it in your clipboard for every program to grab)

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Would Installing MS in a VM maybe cover your needs?

yes, and i already tried it, but unfortunately iTunes stutters like crazy in a VM, especially in the Cover Art view I mainly use it in. I will have to switch and am right now trying to get Rhythmbox-plugins to work that display the cover art.