Windows 10 on PureOS Boxes poor performance


Hi everybody,

I received my Librem 13v4 a month ago and started immediately setting it up. For my work I need windows, unluckily, so I installed Windows 10 in Boxes.
The first impression was horrible, but then I installed all the Spice Guest Tools and things started to became reasonable.
However I am still disappointed by the overall performance since my laptop is new with excellent hardware.
I guess the problem is the hardware virtualization, but I couldn’t find any hints so far how to solve it.
Does anybody in the community has a solution for this?
Thanks in advance.


Have you tried dual boot? i.e. compare the native Windows 10 performance on the hardware.


Use VMware Workstation. I know it isn’t popular here, but it has the best integration and acceleration I’ve found on Linux. Hands down.


Thanks guys.
I would prefer to avoid the dual boot for several reasons.
VMware Workstation looks interesting, I think I’ll give a try


As would many people but the goal was just for fault isolation i.e. to compare the performance so that you could attribute the poor performance to the virtualisation solution rather than to the underlying hardware - or not, as the case may be.


if you do try WMware workstation make sure to grab a legitimate trial/freeware version but avoid cracked/pirated software in general. otherwise you might open up a another can of worms …

that being said a trial/freeware version might have some “goodies” restricted for good measure …