Windows on Librem 14?

Is it possible to install Windows on Librem 14?

Yes, though I don’t know if there’s a TPM so for windows 11 you may have to bypass that “requirement”.

I want to install windows 10 pro. I decided to ask the guys here, maybe someone has already put it.

You should have no problems installing it. There may be effort required to find drivers just like doing a clean install on any system but yes it can be installed.

You will probably need to install a UEFI firmware in order to boot Windows

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Thank you, have you done this before?

Nope, I have not :slight_smile:

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@Veet this topic should lead you to the resources to get an UEFI firmware onto the Librem14 but please be aware that there is no guaranty that you then can install windows10 successfully.
But then even if you do you’ll probably have driver problems with the embedded controller within the Librem14 and so on since this laptop was not designed to work with windows at all.

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Thank you. I should probably give up on this idea… I just got a new Librem 14 and it doesn’t work, I’m already tired of what’s happening.

maybe you should describe what’s not working according to your expectations and we might be able to help you out.

For a new device that sounds as if you should be contacting Purism support under warranty.

Whatever it is that’s the problem, I’m pretty sure that Microsoft Windows is not the solution however.

Yes, I’ve already figured that out. I will contact the service center again.

I have installed Windows 11 on my Librem 14

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