Wine Developers Release Hangover Alpha To Run Windows x86_64 Programs On 64-Bit ARM

This seems like it could be really useful on the Librem 5 to run Windows applications. As far as I can tell, the Vivante GC7000 Lite supports OpenGL 2.1 via the etnaviv Mesa driver, so I think it checks all of the boxes for hardware support of the project. I’m excited about it. Anyone else have any insight?

Here’s the phoronix article for the alpha release announcement:

Corresponding github project page:


The biggest problem here (ATM) is that it runs like grandma’s slideshow. :confused:
But the project is very interesting, I hope some day it will run like dxvk/Proton :smiley:

Heck yes this is great news! Will be following this was marked interest.

What would you use it for? The applications wouldn’t be mobile friendly anyway…


Need to minesweep all day around :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Jokes aside, that would be nice for classic old 90-2000 games. :sunglasses:

Well, fortunately for us, a big selling point of the Librem 5 is connectivity to external displays and input devices. I think it would be cool to get some Diablo 2, classic EverQuest, Unreal Tournament, etc. going on there.


Fragging your friends on a pocket lan on UT, I really have to try that :smiley:

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Not only that, it’s about a world of software opening up to you. What wouldn’t you do with it?

Personally I’d be running some dos (native or through dosbox) and playing some Wizardry 7.

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Great news? You can run Windows blobs and viruses on our beloved OpenSource phone. No, thanks!


Ain’t freedom grand!?

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you probably mean to say Liberty since Freedom has to do with Free Will … and if you can NOT play the games you want in a non-emulated way on your Librem device then your Free Will is handicapped which results in people NOT being Free … so yeah Freedom is grand when we HAVE it … :zipper_mouth_face: