Wipe and install unbuntu on librem 14

tips on wiping pure os and installing unbuntu on liberam 14 laptop please and thank you

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You might choose to setup Ubuntu 22.04 LTS on your Librem14 as of today, as it should offer several advantages over current stable ones.

Also, after inserting some empty 4GB+ USB flash drive within PureOS Terminal please execute:
sudo fdisk --list βˆ’βˆ’ in order to get correct address of mounted USB flash drive (/dev/sdX is probably /dev/sda but still needs to be confirmed as such)
cd /jammy-desktop-amd64_download_folder
sudo fdisk --list /dev/sdX
sudo dd if=jammy-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdX
sudo fdisk --list /dev/sdX βˆ’βˆ’ check if USB flash drive ready as setup media.

Now you can poweroff your PureOS and proceed …

a question since I do not have this persons Llbram 14 laptop yet that he wants me to install unbuntu on… how do I know if I am booting pureboot or coreboot and will it make a difference if im installing Unbuntu from a bootable usb key as shown above.

Librem14/Ubuntu22.04 combination might work well together (on top of coreboot/pureboot) but I cannot confirm anything. Please search further this Forum for more info (before changing anything):