Wired ethernet connection is not working,

i dont know why this is but internet on wifi works fine but pureos on a Ethernet cable doesn’t do nothing.

(pureos on thinkpad t500 with libreboot)

There are quite a few points of failure here and at this stage a fair amount of missing information.

Firstly though turn off the WiFi so that if any networking works, you can be sure it is the ethernet working.

Secondly, what is at the other end of the ethernet cable? If it’s a switch or router, do the lights indicate that the link is up?

Also on my work PC (W10) the company network nazis have a hissy fit if you’re wired inside the firewall and turn the VPN on or the WIFI on at the same time.

hello ! is this a home connection or a work-place connection … or are you working from home (i.e in lockdown ?)

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